A day out to Marans

Discover the hidden treasures of Marans…

Ideally located between the Aiguillon Bay and the dried marsh, Marans is full of surprises!

Its marina, its strange bell tower and its flower gardens give to Marans its charm and to the visitors a great opportunity for a memorable trip…

Connected to La Rochelle by a canal, Marans offers the prospect of beautiful river and sea trips. Several piers will allow you to rent a motor boat or a canoe for a trip on the Sèvre Niortaise.

Not far from the city centre, the Beauregard mill, the windmill still working, will tell you its story..

Discover also the covered market of the 19th century, where you can find on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings all the good products of our land starting with the famous and shiny red eggs of the Marans hen or the organic flour from the  Beauregard mill !


A halting point for tourists on bikes

By its location at the crossroads of two national bicycle routes, Marans is the halting place of choice for cyclists looking for a little rest.

Marans ©Pays d'Aunis-S

It is also an ideal place to discover the Marais Poitevin on bike, ask for bicycle routes maps at the tourist office located in the main street.


The Marina

The port of Marans once played a very important role in the transport of cereals, fruits and vegetables and also in foreign trade for the transport of spices, coal and wood.

Port de Marans ©Pays d'Aunis-S

Today, it is a nice marina, which can accommodate up to 180 yachts. Located in the city centre it is a very popular place in Marans for strollers.

After a good meal in restaurant, enjoy a digestive stroll along the docks to the port and enjoy the pleasant life of Marans.


Churches in Marans


Founded in the 12th century by monks of the abbey of Maillezais, the Saint-Étienne church was partially destroyed and rebuilt during the Franco-British conflict and religious wars, which greatly weakened the edifice. The arches disappeared. In the 19th century, the building was poorly repaired and gradually abandoned.

Today, the remains of the church are still visible (braces, bay of the nave and Romanesque columns) thanks to the listing as an historical monument of the Romanesque base of the tower, which allows protecting the whole building.

The new Notre Dame church in the town centre is made up of a central building with its tower of glass and steel unique in its kind. It provides a reference point for visitors to the city and a breath-taking view to those taking the time to climb the tower.

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