House of Marais Poitevin Aiguillon Bay

You can find all the keys to understanding the Aiguillon Bay, this great natural theatre just by pushing the door of the House of Marais Poitevin Bay in Esnandes.

Enjoy a day of discovery and relaxation by the sea visiting the Museum of Mussel farming and the fortified Saint-Martin church, or learning to fish with a carrelet.


The Museum of Mussel farming

To learn all about mussel farming in the Aiguillon Bay, the Museum of Mytiliculture offers a large screen presentation of a report on the ecosystem of the tidal marsh and an interesting, interactive museographic game suited for all ages.


Mytiliculture means growing and harvesting mussels. At Esnandes, this activity is present across several centuries. From the legend of Patrick Walton to the workshop boats of the twenty-first century, the museum narrates the adventure of mussels in the Aiguillon Bay!

Learning to fish from a carrelet

Fishing with a carrelet net is very popular in the Charente coast. Its original function was to gather food, but nowadays, using the carrelet net has now become a hobby.

Located in the Aiguillon Bay, fishing with the carrelet net in Esnandes benefits from the combination of the salty ocean water and fresh water from the Marais Poitevin.

One can thus fish :

  • Fish: sole, mullet, eels…
  • Crustaceans: velvet crabs, shrimps…
  • Shellfish: cockles, clams, bivalves…


The carrelet consists of a gateway and a cabin. It is accessible to persons with reduced mobility.


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