Charron and mussels

The Port du Pavé, when the earth plunged into the ocean

This landscape consists of mudflats and mizottes (local name for the salt marshes) and offers a breath-taking view of the bouchots or mussel beds, these are wooden stakes that are driven into the sea for growing mussels.


According to legend, it is an Irish castaway who is credited with starting the farming of mussels on bouchots. To capture birds, this castaway tended nets between tall wooden stakes planted by him in the sea bed. These were covered with mussels. The bouchot was born and with it the occupation of boucholeur!

The Port du Pavé is the place where the boats arrive two hours after low tide, when you can see how the mussels are shipped throughout France and also study how the boats are equipped.

Perhaps it is the opportunity to board a fishing boat and discover the work of oystermen, deep-sea fishermen and mussel farmers?


The Charron mussels

It is in Charente Maritime, in the Bay of Aiguillon, where the « Charron” mussels grown on bouchots are produced, collected, checked and packaged.


To be entitled to use the brand, the mussels on bouchots must be of prescribed size, produced in the Aiguillon Bay and must be packaged and shipped according to the standards.

Always been known for their taste and nutritional qualities, the « Charron » bouchot mussels are harvested from early summer to late autumn.

Appreciated by young and old, they are consumed different ways : éclade, salad, marinière, hot or cold.

Yummy, a real treat!

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