Aiguillon Bay

The Aiguillon Bay, naturally wild

You enter in  a magical place between land and sea, between freshwater and saltwater, a transition between the continent and the ocean. The present day appearance of the bay is due to the series of dams that have silted up much of the old « Pictons Gulf » to create the Marais Poitevin, both regarding history and ecology.

Aiguillon Bay

A Nature Reserve favoured by migratory birds

The Aiguillon Bay is in fact a crossing point for migratory birds from northern Europe, Siberia or Canada, flying to Iberian and African coasts. With its mudflats and salt marshes, it shelters a large variety of birds in all seasons. We counted up to 150,000 in January!

Aiguillon bay

At the Pointe Saint-Clément in Esnandes, climb up on top of a limestone cliff to enjoy a breath-taking view of the entire Bay. When the water begins to recede, it is the best time to watch the birds returning to the mudflats for feeding.

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