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A land long hostile to man and his activities, the Marais Poitevin has seen many developments and transformations. Do you wish to better understand the history of the Marais and discover the flora and fauna of this unique environment?

Then come visit the sites of the Marais and immerse yourself in the stories of activity leaders passionate about the natural environment!

Le pôle Nature du Marais Poitevin in Taugon


In Taugon, the heart of the dried marsh, the Marais Poitevin Nature Park offers interpretive trails for a fun way to discover the natural environment and an interior scenographic display.

On the trails open all year, you can amble freely, discover the marsh progressively, stroll through the fruit orchard and enjoy the site for picnics, fishing, or simply to take a nap… During the opening times, you can go with family or friends – a booklet is available to guide you in your activities. Observation, collaboration and imagination are the keywords of these workshops!

In the scenographic display, learn to recognise the diversity of landscapes in Marais Poitevin during a tour that lasts about 40 minutes. The tour is interactive with a slide-show which narrates relics of the past and tales and legends through remote control modules, panels and sound systems.

La Maison du Marais Poitevin in Coulon

maison du marais poitevin

Understanding the Marais Poitevin, its landscapes, their role, their history and much more by visiting the Maison du Marais Poitevin!

From the beginning, a guide will show you the various marshes and answer your questions during the Maraiscope. This audio-visual show illustrates the development of the Marais Poitevin and its history. Building a boat, fishing for eel, the reconstruction of the interior of a maraîchin dwelling from the nineteenth century and the temporary exhibition completes this show of about one hour.

Les oiseaux du marais Poitevin in Saint Hilaire la Palud

Les oiseaux du marais

The ornithological park is a natural protected area of 8 hectares in the heart of wild Marais, where you can see more than 70 species of birds of the Marais Poitevin as well as domestic animals created over the centuries in Poitou.

All along the discovery trail, in the shade of ash trees, you will also learn to recognize the wild plants of the wet marshes. In this site, criss-crossed with water courses covered with spots, the animals enjoy the tranquillity offered by the green cathedral so typical of the wet marsh.

The park is full of plants and trees typical of this wetland. More than thirty are listed with information on their various medicinal and culinary uses… or their toxicity.

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