Historic center of Surgères

Stroll through the historic centre of Surgères

In the heart of town-center, discover the medieval battements of Surgères, home to the Notre Dame church and the remains of the great baronial castle of the 12th century.


Discover an exceptional architectural unit, steeped in history, surrounded by a beautiful park with old trees.

The 12th century marked the birth of a fiefdom, the Surgères: the Maingot family was settled here by the Count of Poitiers and Duke of Aquitaine to protect their land against Barbarian invasions quickly, this family became rich. We owe to this family the great buildings of the medieval period.

The walls measure 600 meters long, they were often destroyed and rebuilt.

Along the walls are the remains of towers, old prison gates and the remains of the drawbridge.

The medieval castle, meanwhile, was rebuilt several times when new owners took over, from Maingot until today. In the 12th century, there were eight identical towers and a relatively large central building. Today, you can still see an isolated tower that took the name of « Helen Tower » in honour of Hélène de Fonsèque, who was the maid of honour to Queen Catherine de Medicis and the muse of Ronsard, who wrote his finest sonnets for her.

Historic Center Surgeres

The main building of the castle has now become the town hall of Surgères.

Visit the historic center of Surgères free access all year (the park of castle and the church).

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