Rochefort Océan

Located a few kilometers south of Aunis (30 km from Surgères), Rochefort, the arsenal town, is a must for lovers of maritime history.

Construction of the arsenal of Rochefort was entrusted to Colbert by the Sun King, who wanted to establish his ambition on earth as well as on sea. Located on the banks of Charente, he has built and maintained many armed vessels of the Royal Navy. During three centuries, 550 vessels sailed out of its shipyards.

The Hermione yards

In 1780, La Fayette boarded the Hermione frigate built a few months earlier in the arsenal of Rochefort.

1997: Hermione is back at the yards in the heart of the old Maritime Arsenal on the same site where she was originally built. The shipyard can be visited every day.

Hermione is today the largest replica of an old ship ever rebuilt in France. The mast towers 47 metres, the value of 16 floors! The ship’s departure for Boston is planned during 2015

April 2015 : Hermione sails to Boston ! Follow the expedition on the blog !


The Corderie Royale

First structure of the arsenal whose construction began in 1966, the splendid building of the Corderie Royale  is 374 m long. This exceptional length is explained by the need to prepare for marine ropes of a cable length, or 200 m.

In 1985, the Centre International de la Mer (International Center for the Sea) finds its place in the building to accommodate the public on the ground floor of the south wing.

This interpretation centre allows transmitting the memory, particularly that of the arsenal of Rochefort and more widely to disseminate the maritime culture.

More informations about Rochefort ? Visit the website of the Tourist Office





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