La Rochelle

You cannot resist to a trip to La Rochelle !

Just a short distance from Aunis, enjoy a coffee around the old port, an afternoon shopping or visiting one of the many museums in the town!

The old port

The postcard is a must and it is needless to resist to a walk along the old port. Admire the Tour de la Chaîne (Chain Tower) on the left and the most impressive, the Saint Nicolas tower and farther away, the Lantern Tower. Spared from the destruction of the ramparts, they proudly mark the entrance to the city from the sea. Linger on one of the many outdoor cafes that line the old port and enjoy the panorama.

Vieux port de la Rochelle

The historic town center

Enter the heart of the city and let yourself go strolling the lanes. In the historic center, life is in full swing. Shops with colourful windows stir your curiosity and fragrances from gourmet restaurants and the market whet your appetite.

The Minimes

With 3600 seats afloat and soon much more due to the extension, the Minimes Marina is the first port on the Atlantic coast. The sailing here is intense and walks along the paths bordering the shore are a must.


The aquarium offers an opportunity to meet 12,000 marine animals in three million litres of sea water, a real plunge into the heart of oceans.

Climb aboard the visitable ships of the Maritime Museum and discover the importance of the sea in the development of this city.

Immerse yourself in the rich and varied events of La Rochelle: the famous Francofolies Festival, the International Film Festival and the Grand Pavois, the first floating boat show in Europe.

More informations about La Rochelle ? Visit the website of the Tourist Office



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