Places to visit




Discover the Green Venice in traditional boat, canoe, pedal boat or explore the Sevre Niortaise in motorboat.

Enjoy the quiet of waterways, the authenticity of landscapes and the rich flora. This is the ideal way of discovering the Marais Poitevin, full of fun and suitable for the entire family.

Patrimoine et sites de visites marans

Sites to visit and heritage

Sites to visit, heritage towns and villages to discover… Natural, historical, industrial, religious: for everyone, there is a private discovery!

Art terroir et artisanant

Art and local products

Awaken your senses to new sensations starting with the multiple richness and traditional arts and crafts of our region.

Special moments of exchange and complicity in arts venues, craft workshops or our local producers.

activités loisirs en Aunis Marais Poitevin

Sport and leisure

For active stays in discovery or initiated mode, all types of sports are available in Aunis Marais Poitevin: riding, fishing, canoeing, swimming… Plan your stay and enjoy it!









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