Welcome to Aunis Marais Poitevin

At the gates of La Rochelle, there are lays and lands that call for rest and relaxation. Imagine … A world apart between ocean and earth, bathed in mildness and light by a peaceful and quiet environment… Quality of life and sweet moments guaranteed… A region is also revealed through its flavors, Aunis Marais Poitevin invites you to dine. Come and discover a land that has its own history, traditions and gastronomy.

Nature and curiosities

The land is overflowing with green landscapes and crisscrossed with about 40 kilometers of navigational water and numerous small streams. For the admirers of precious jewels, come as well to unearth a small but yet important heritage that has been well sheltered in our villages.

Gastronomy and traditions

Come and discover the local gastronomy with its varied productions, its agricultural and gastronomic know-how and get to know all of the iconic produces of our land. In the local markets just like in our restaurants, you will discover a world of color, smell, authenticity and flavor.

Leisure and events

Want some fun and relaxation ? Enjoy the wealth of sporting and leisure activities that we have to offer : fishing on the Frace lake, bike riding along the Sèvre Niortaise river, strolling on a small boat over the Green Venice... And all year long, join us during various and unique events !