Beauregard mill

Push the door of the last mill in Aunis still in service today!

Discover, helped by the miller, the operation of Moulin de Beauregard located in Marans and the milling of its organic wheat flour.

Beauregard mill

 Built in the mid-17th century, the Moulin de Beauregard was bought by the City of Marans and restored in 1999.

A guide is now responsible for running it, to make it into a living, productive mill, an educational and tourist attraction!

 Beauregard Mill

The mill is open to visitors from mid-April to September.

Summer activities are organised in partnership with the Tourist Office of Aunis-Marais Poitevin. On this occasion, the tour ends with a culinary treat ,a specialty made with flour from the mill (marandaise crepe or pancake, for example).

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