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Discovery of the archaeological site of Saint-Saturnin-du-Bois

Villa Gallo-Romaine de Saint Saturnin du BoisIt all started in February 2008. The peaceful village of St Saturnin du Bois wants to build a residential allotment.

On the first stroke of the shovel, Gallo-Roman remains are discovered. Archaeologists discovered that the site was occupied continuously for more than 8 centuries!

Thus began a wonderful archaeological adventure that allows us to witness the slow and painstaking process of excavating the Gallo-Roman villa.

Since then, archaeologists have relentlessly pursued the excavation work on the ground that allows us to better understand the lifestyle of our ancestors.

Site archeoDiscover the hidden secrets of the archaeological trail!

Discover this rich Gallo-Roman site of 8 centuries of history by participating in a guided tour, a workshop or wandering freely on the interpretation circuit and follow the new digs in real-time.

Chantier archeo

With an educational presentation of the site and archaeological laboratory, you can unravel the mysteries of archeology and its specialised methods. Passionate leaders will tell you the history of the site, from the circumstances of its discovery in 2008 until the excavation site as it exists today.

The site is open in the summer period, many events are scheduled from July to September:

Free tours and interpretive trail, guided tours, fun workshops, storytelling evenings and torchlight aperitif on the excavations, European Heritage Days…

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